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Lendvo is a special finance company that caters to the online business community.

Financing Amounts

We are able to provide financing solutions of up to $100,000 per working capital loan.

Custom Terms

We specialize in being able to underwrite digital business models and assets.

Financing Rates

Rates for working capital financing can range depending on the metrics of your specific business.

Loan Duration

We can structure loans ranging in length from as short as 1 month to as long as 2 years.

Application Process

Applications are usually processed quickly, and it may take up to a week for approval.

Use Of Funds

Must be for a business purpose to help grow or maintain operations.

Hit Your Targets

Strategic financing solutions can help you hit your targets

If you think financing can help you to grow and expand your business then submit an application to see if we are a good fit.

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