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GODADDY Online Store Review – Background

GoDaddy is the most popular website building service, domain host and vendor in the United States, and possibly in the entire world. GoDaddy was created in 2014 in Scottsdale, Arizona and  offers online business solutions for small business owners, artists, entrepreneuers and anyone in the business of putting their website on the internet. GoDaddy allows anyone to buy a domain, or a website, and up to multipe for that matter. Additionally, customers can build websites through GoDaddy Online Store Buildier on hosted WordPress sites. GoDaddy may not be the most eccentric and complex website builder and domain host in the game, but their market capital is still high because of their reach as a business. GoDaddy has expanded its reach from solely hosting domain names upon its inception to actually have an online store that is affordable and easy to use for small business owners. The GoDaddy online store is available on a basic level without advanced features in addition to having more complex features with detailed instructions to assist small business owners in expanding their reach within a variety of  ways. The GoDaddy online store offers an unlimited amount of products, bandwidth, storage space and options with its services while the transaction fee rate is a bit higher and the monthly fee to use all of its services is $29.99.

GODADDY Online Store – Some Negatives

While there are a slew of positives that come with GoDaddy’s online store, there are also several negative attributes to the GoDaddy Online store that we would like to note first and foremost, before discussing all of the good things that GoDaddy actually does offer to its customers. GoDaddy does charge its customers for each and every transaction they make at a rate of 2.9% and $0.30 for each transaction a customer, or small business owner makes. There are a number of ecommerce websites that do not charge a transaction fee at all. This is a relatively high fee in comparison to other ecommerce websites in the same sphere of business as GoDaddy. You can research online to find similar businesses that do not charge a transaction fee in their store, but due to GoDaddy’s high level of reputability and their existence in the ecommerce space, they have the capability to charge their customers fees to use their services. We recommend GoDaddy and spending an extra couple bucks because their customer services is stellar and you can always count on their products to provide some of the best results in ecommerce.

GODADDY – Features: Blogging

GoDaddy offers advanced features within its ecommerce software that cost an extra  few dollars, but they can really help your small business to grow. Blogging is something that a lot fo GoDaddy small business owners use because the more writing on a website, the greater SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the more traffic you can draw to your website because each word and especially keywords, help to increase a website’s google searchability. Therefore, by blogging about anything related to your business, you will draw more customers to your website based upon GoDaddy’s web developers’ algorithims.  Bloggers can blog on anything; if you are a real estate developer, it is a good idea to write articles on the real estate markert; likewise, if you are a retail store owner, you can write articles about new lines of apparel coming out in the summer or fall to draw more traffic to your site from prospective real estate investors and respectively, from retail fashionistas. It is also good to include ‘New York’ if you are a small business owner in New York because, for example, if someone googles New York real estate apartments, there is more of a likelihood that they will land on your page. While the blogging option is useful for small business owners, there is a lot of advertising that takes place on GoDaddy’s website platforms, because after all, GoDaddy is a business and advertising is its main stream of income.

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GODADDY – Email Marketing

GoDaddy prides itself on its ability to provide email marketing for its customers, because, let’s face it, no one markets by snail mail anymore and emailing clients and potential customers is essential and must be integrated into every business in the twenty-first century if they have any hope at being successful. GoDaddy offers the email marketing whether you are using the GoDaddy Online Store Builder, GoCentral, WordPress websites or any other format. GoDaddy Online Store Builder has been rumored that it may be discontinues in the coming months so it is hard to recommend a business that may, in fact, go out of business. Granted, the website has a decent level of functionality and has helped small business owners achieve success in recent years. If you are a high technology company, chances are, GoDaddy is not the best platform for your businesses’ use. MailChimp and Constant Contact are some highly recommended email marketing platforms that we recommend to many of our customers as an alternative event if GoDaddy is hosting your domain and/or your website is based on GoDaddy.

GODADDY – Image Integration

GoDaddy, in comparison to other website building services and ecommmerce platforms, allows for you to easily integrate images onto the website, no matter what the images are and how they will assist your small business due to their advanced technology. While the service of allowing users and small business owners to place images on their website is a highly sought after feature,  the software has evolved over the years since its creation, but the truth is it is not the most seamless option for image use within websites. There are often hiccups that occur for small business owners that host their websites on GoDaddy.

GODADDY – GoCentral

GoCentral is a great opportunity for small business owners to expand their reach beyond the normal features that the GoDaddy ecommerce platform offers. GoCentral was launched in January of this year and is a Do-It-Yourself website builder that allows small business owners to take control of their future. The all-in-one platform is usable on a computer in addition to users being able to build websites on smart phones, like the Android and iPhone, to tablets, like the iPad. The website builder offered on the original GoDaddy is not as official as the one offered on the GoCentral platform. This is helping GoDaddy move away from the simple and traditional website building that it began its business with in 2014. GoCentral allows small business owners to act and create websites with ease with many of the features available on more expensive and official ecommerce platforms. If you provide a topic of your website, GoCentral will simply help you to create your website by automatically creating a website at that moment usin glanding pages that its algorithms will fill out based on the description, the simple description, that you have provided for your company. The websites adaptability is extraordinary because it is viewable on a PC, tablet or smartphone and the seamlessness and performance of the website will be the same for all of its users. The first two questions you will find once you log onto GoCentral are ‘What’s your site about?’ and ‘What do we call your site?’ The taglines below that will ask you to pick a topic so your website can then have professional pictures to accompany your mission statement, bios and other landing pages and these images will complement your business much more than any you may have chosen on the simpleer, commonly used original GoDaddy builder. Design and launch are only the beginnings of the tools offered on GoCentral. As discussed prior with the original GoDaddy, the SEO tools provided to GoCentral users are far and above many in the business allowing social media handles to be directly integrated into your website as they can draw you to your Facebook page, etc. Customers can also see analytics and receive active updates to help improve traffic. This will allow you to come up more often when people search something about your company on Google.