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Top 3 Reasons Quickbooks Capital May Decline You

Quickbooks Capital is the new loan origination program offered by Intuit, the company that owns popular financial software Quickbooks, TurboTax, and Mint. Quickbooks Capital represents the company’s first entry into the small business lending space.

Prior to this, Intuit played more as a finance matchmaker role. With a platform called Quickbooks Financing, Intuit created a marketplace […]

QuickBooks is an accounting platform

QuickBooks is an accounting platform and out of it has come QuickBooks Capital which gives loans to small business owners. All types of small business owners are allowed to apply including restaurant managers, artist managers, writers, copywriters, screenwriters, producers, law firms, store owners, coffee shop owners and so forth. As a technology company, QuickBooks Capital […]

Intuit Enters the Game

Intuit owned QuickBooks has long dominated the small business space reserved for managing the books and keeping an enterprise’s accounting processes “tax return ready” at any given time of the year.  Having become the go to accounting software for many companies has allowed QuickBooks to amass an enormous amount of data that can be used […]

Revel Review

Revel is a business platform that is based within the cloud. Revel Systems Software has taken upon itself to integrate operations and customer channels with a point-of-sale (POS) approach. The functionality they have displayed is one that can work for a number of small businesses including restaurants, stores and businesses that deal with inventory management. […]

MailChimp Competitors

MailChimp is a pioneer in the email marketing landscape and email marketing has become an ever more prominent and important part to promote a small business in the modern era where much of business is done online. For those who used to send promotional letters, daily, weekly or monthly and others who did that and […]

Which is Better – Square or PayPal?

Like many businesses within the technology space, Square, founded in 2009, and Paypal, entering the PayPal Here for mobile payments in 2012, are vying for the market share of their respective online business. We will call this the fight for the ownership of the mobile payment market. Square which we have written an article on […]

GODADDY Online Store Review

GoDaddy is the most popular website building service, domain host and vendor in the United States, and possibly in the entire world. GoDaddy was created in 2014 in Scottsdale, Arizona and  offers online business solutions for small business owners, artists, entrepreneuers and anyone in the business of putting their website on the internet. GoDaddy allows […]

Alternatives to Square

Square is a mobile payment processing system that provides small business owners with the opportunity to accept credit card payments through unconventional means unlike the traditional way of accepting payments through small devices that most of us do not even know the name of anymore. Square is a Register app that allows small business owners […]

OnDeck Capital Review

OnDeck Capital Review is a business that provides small business loands to small businesses in need of funding for a variety of reasons. OnDeck differentiates itself from other companies that give small business loans because their mission statement is based around providing loans to small businesses at a speedier pace than other companies conducting similar […]

Kabbage Loans vs Ondeck Loan

Kabbage and Ondeck are direct competitors in the alternative business loan arena.  Each provide loans to small businesses when capital requirements are urgent and often when the credit of the business is questionable or bad.  And each offer the promise of speed and simplicity in obtaining a loan quickly.  But while their ability to provide […]

Kabbage Loan Requirements, Use and Payment

As an alternative lender for those unable to secure funds through traditional lenders, Kabbage can be a path to obtaining what you need to keep your business going through a rough patch, product rollout or other unforeseen circumstance.  Kabbage has become one of the go to lenders on the internet and offers many advantages, simplicity […]

A Review of the Kabbage Line of Credit

Many people know of Kabbage as an alternative lender dispensing business loans.  But Kabbage also has a line of credit that can be used in place of a business loan.  If your needs are variable month to month in terms of purchasing, inventory, payroll, etc. then the Kabbage line of credit may be a good […]

The Kabbage Loan Process and the Impact to Your Credit

Kabbage has developed a reputation for being a provider for short term loans within the alternative lending universe, often for those who may not be able to secure a loan through a traditional lender.  To provide the speed and simplicity of service the Kabbage system is highly automated.  Loans can usually be approved within three […]

Review of Kabbage Business Loans

Many new and often struggling enterprises find themselves in need of short term operating capital in the first few years.  Whether the cash is needed for inventory, equipment, payroll, or some other critical function; when the need for cash strikes, it is usually needed quickly.  Many times, the business doesn’t have the resources, credit strength […]

OnDeck Reviews

For small business owners, obtaining a commercial loan can be a frustrating process.  Traditional banks require reams of paperwork, and the application process can be lengthy.  Banks also tend to have high standards for approving commercial loans, so owners with lower credit scores, newly-established businesses or an uneven cash flow may find it difficult to […]

Ondeck Loan Rates

If you are a small business owner, you know to expect the unexpected.  Whether a crucial piece of equipment breaks, you experience a seasonal cash flow crunch, or you fall short on inventory, there may be times when you need a commercial loan to cover the shortfall between your expenditures and revenue.


Traditional banks have long […]

OnDeck Lines of Credit

For many small business owners, managing company finances and cash flow can be one of the more complex aspects of the job.  A business line of credit can assist in situations where the company needs some extra funds to handle daily expenses, but may not find it necessary to take out a commercial loan.A business […]

OnDeck Competitors

As most small business owners know, obtaining a loan can be a logistical nightmare.  Even for highly qualified businesses, with a strong daily cash flow, good credit and a healthy annual revenue, the process can be painstaking.  Banks typically require reams of paperwork and documentation, and can take a significant amount of time to approve […]

Pivotal Payments Review

Pivotal Payments is a payment processing business that provides global payment processing solutions in the Point-of-Sale and Business-to-Business industries. We will tell you about what they do a bit before flat out saying don’t do business with them, but the truth is the amount of negative complaints, is, well, scary and you should be very […]

FreshBooks Review

FreshBooks is an accounting software and finance company that is one of the best, if not the best finance and accounting software companies in the world. Recently, in 2016, they won Best Accounting Software company from FinancesOnline. Additionally, FreshBooks received the awards for Best Accounting Software in 2016 by FinancesOnline. Also from FinancesOnline, they received […]

ShopKeep Review

ShopKeep is the #1 rated Point of Sale System for an iPad with an 8.4 rating on TrustPilot.  ShopKeep is an iPad based business that serves as a built-in register that allows small businesses to keep track of checks and payments. A variety of businesses use ShopKeep including, but not limited to retail businsses, restaurants, […]

Drop Shipping Tips

Drop Shipping is an interesting concept, one that entrepreneurs have been using for years. The idea is pretty straight forward. A drop shipper puts up a listing for an item for sale, whether it be through Craigslist, eBay, or whatever preferred method of sale they prefer (we will use eBay for our discussion further below). […]

Apps for Small Business Owners

It’s 2017, and there is no reason to do everything by hand — not when there is an app (short for application) for almost everything.  Running a small business is no exception;  there are apps that can help you manage every aspect of your small business, from finance and accounting to time management to payment […]

Picking a CRM System: Deciphering Zoho Reviews

When you’re searching the web for a good customer relationship management, or CRM, system, it’s impossible not to run into Zoho reviews here and there. Zoho CRM boasts rich features, continent-spanning popularity and no few professional adherents. Of course, it’s not the ideal solution for every business. Keep reading to discover whether Zoho might be […]

Nextiva Reviews Explained: Is It the Right VoIP System for Your Business?

Why are there so many Nextiva reviews online? The business universe revolves around communication, but cell phones and email may not always cut it. As your company expands, so will your need for bespoke connectivity, and the more ideas you share, the harder it will be to keep them organized.

Voice over IP, or VoIP, is […]

High Quality Article About shopkeep reviews

Point Of Sale systems, often referred to as POS systems, allow businesses to run credit card transactions. One of the most popular POS systems for small- to mid-sized businesses is Shopkeep, which offers a robust system that allows organizations to manage a variety of sales and business related tasks in addition to processing credit cards […]

Impactful Marketing Simplified: Understanding Radio Advertising Costs

It’s well-known that radio ads grant you access to huge markets. The real question is whether you can justify radio advertising costs.

Broadcasting your ads over the airwaves can be a complex, confusing process. Fortunately, the following insights will help you understand how radio advertising costs affect your budget.While digital content and other forms of marketing […]

Press Release 101: A Complete Guide to Writing, Distribution and Getting Your Brand Noticed

Once seen only by editors and reporters, press releases have evolved along with how audiences consume content to become viable components of inbound marketing. Your customer base extends beyond traditional media outlets, and press releases help you reach them wherever they are.

Writing an effective press release and distributing it through the proper channels can increase […]

When the Bank Says No

Many ideas for great products and services have floundered or have never seen the light of day due to inadequate funding or in many cases no funding at all.  Often the originator of the idea may lack the resources to develop it into an actionable business plan to pitch to investors or to apply for […]

Transferring Ownership of a Business

There are times when a business must be sold for one reason or another.  Many people start a business with dreams of running it forever and passing it to their family down the road only to find they need to sell due to unforeseen circumstances.  Others start a business with hopes of selling it for […]

Tax Deductions and Business Loans

Many people securing their first business loan are often elated to make it to the point where they can fund their business and move forward.  But often, that elation lasts up to the point when they inevitably must visit their accountant to discuss taxes.  Once in the accountant’s office it becomes the tax equivalent of […]

Taking a Look at Elavon’s Merchant Services

There are many credit card processing companies in the United States, but few are as large and as successful as Elavon. The company was founded nearly 23 years ago. As the fourth-largest credit card processor in the country, Elavon is Better Business Bureau approved and currently boasts the highest score possible, an A+. When granting […]

How to Come Up with Job Titles for Your Small Business

Small business owners are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of technical details that must be considered in setting up and running their company.  From establishing employee benefits plans to setting up a pay system, running a small business can be a challenge — particularly as it expands and grows.

This is especially true when it […]

Retail Business Loans – Finding and Using Loans for retailers

With a different holiday always just around the corner, retailers often struggle just to keep up with trends and diversity of inventory to satisfy the season.  But there are also economic realities that come with operating a retail business and they often require a quick turnaround or infusion of funds to get the inventory needed […]

Putting Google+ to Work for Your Business

We live in a social media age, and more and more businesses are beginning to realize how powerful social media platforms can be when used as a marketing tool. Most people are familiar with Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn. However, what about Google+? Google+ is perhaps the most underutilized social media platform for businesses of […]

Best Payroll Software for Small Business Owners

For many small business owners, employee payroll can be a massive headache.  Figuring out benefits deductions, federal, state and local taxes and other complicated aspects of payroll can be incredibly stressful and needlessly complex.  This is why payroll software can be such a good investment.  While the upfront cost of a decent payroll software program […]

Let’s Take a Look at Bank of America Merchant Services

Founded in 2009, Bank of America’s Merchant Services is a product of a partnership between First Data, one of the country’s largest payment processors, and Bank of America Corp. However, the merchant services themselves are offered by Bank of America and Bank of America Merchant Services, LLC. Now that we’ve established that, what makes Bank […]

Alternatives to Square

Square is a mobile payment processing system that provides small business owners with the opportunity to accept credit card payments through unconventional means unlike the traditional way of accepting payments through small devices that most of us do not even know the name of anymore. Square is a Register app that allows small business owners […]

OnDeck Capital Review

OnDeck Capital Review is a business that provides small business loands to small businesses in need of funding for a variety of reasons. OnDeck differentiates itself from other companies that give small business loans because their mission statement is based around providing loans to small businesses at a speedier pace than other companies conducting similar […]

Is Credit Karma Accurate or a Waste of Time?

Who doesn’t like free stuff? With Credit Karma, you can view your credit score for free when you sign up at their website. Sounds great, right? Well, yes and no. While it’s great that a company exists to help give consumers a glimpse of their credit score, one can’t help but wonder how accurate a […]

Exploring the FBA Revenue Calculator

There are many great tools out there to help people sell products online. The FBA Revenue Calculator is one such tool. With the FBA calculator, selling products on Amazon is a breeze. Not only does it allow merchants to calculate shipping costs, fees, and other expenses to determine what kind of profit they can expect […]

Types of Corporations for Your Small Business

If you are looking to incorporate your small business, you may be overwhelmed by the various options available to you.  From limited liability companies (LLCs) to S corporations to C corporations to DBAs (Doing Business As) company, each type of company has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Understanding the basic features of each type of […]

Can I get a Business Loan Without Collateral?

So, you have a great idea, a fantastic service or an amazing product that you could turn into income.  You’ve also found the drive to make it work and a customer base just waiting to buy your product.  And now you’re ready for the next step – turning your product or service into a bona […]

Books That You Should Read As A Small Business Owner

If you are a small business owner, you likely don’t have a lot of free time.  Yet at the same time, you want to be on top of your game in terms of your professional and personal lives.  Reading books — especially ones with tips on how to better yourself — can be one way […]

Grants for Young Entrepreneurs

One of the most difficult steps in founding a new business for young entrepreneurs is the ‘capital raising’ stage, or simply raising money for the company’s growth and operations. Most new business owners have a great idea and a lot of passion, both essential for getting a business started. However, these factors can only go […]

Small Business Revolving Lines of Credit

One of the most difficult parts of running any business is balancing the mismatch between income timing and expense timing. Income often comes in waves, with sales being quite high in one month and very low in another. This can be due to seasonality, a jump in demand, or a variety of other reasons. Expenses, […]

Accounts Receivable Financing

While it may seem complicated at first, accounts receivable financing is simply what it sounds like – a loan given to a business, which uses the business’s accounts receivables as collateral in the financing agreement. Accounts Receivables, often referred to as “AR” are any outstanding invoices or money owed to the business by customers.

The amount […]

Kabbage Funding

Kabbage is a loan origination company that helps small businesses secure loans quickly and easily. Kabbage, based in Atlanta, Georgia, was founded in 2009, and is no newcomer to the business lending industry. Getting approved for business loans has, in the past, been seen as a huge hurdle to potential borrowers riddled with a lot […]

Is Credit Karma The Real Deal?

A credit score is an analysis and evaluation of your credit. This is what determins if your score compares with what other creditors are looking for when you apply as an applicant to rent an apartment, purchase an apartment – whether it be through a realtor or a bank – or both. Additionally, good credit […]

Amazon FBA Product Review: How It Can Help Your Business

Amazon FBA is a service Amazon offers to help you save time by having Amazon do the work of handling packages, delivering them and even picking them up for you. They also offer the service of dealing with customer service and returns for all Amazon.com orders. All listings get the Prime logo to boot so […]

Bank of America Merchant Services Profile

Bank of America is a major player in the banking industry and the same goes for the Merchant Services industry. Bank of America is commonly referred to in the industry of merchant account providers, also known as the merchant services industry, as Bank of America Merchant Services or BAMS. Bank of America’s online presence has […]

Elavon Merchant Services Profile

Evalon is a well-established merchant services company that works to provide small businesses the ability to expand and capitalize on business opportunities. Their services allow businesses to accept payments in a myriad of different ways. The main initiatie of Elavon’s business model is to provide payment processing services for small businesses allowing for the furthering […]

Best Payroll Software

Choosing a payroll software company is a very important step for small businesses. Your employees are the blood, sweat and tears of your organization after the owner. It is pertienent to make sure you choose a payroll company with state-of-the-art software that is constantly improving and can help you or your accountant whenever you may […]

The Best Apps for Small Businesses

The amount of applications that have been developed over the past several years since the technology boom as turned into the application boom is increasing daily. It is hard to grasp how many apps are actually out there that can actually help the small business owner, but the truth is, there are many. We have […]

Types of Corporations

There are a variety of ways to create a business and all have advantages and disadvantages, including, but not limited to tax purposes, the amount of members in your business, and so forth. We will identify the most common types of corporations that exist and highlight some of the advantages and disadvatages of each to […]

Top Books for Small Business Owners

Small Business owners are constantly faced with the task of learning and adapting to problems that they come across. Starting a small business is no easy task and continuting to grow within the business world is just as difficult. A college education is something most small business owners do have, although there are a lot […]

Free Conference Call Services

Conference calls are essential to most small businesses. Small business owners have always needed to communicate with associates, partners and their internal team on a given business day. In the digital age, we are seeing people find new ways to connect with their coworkers and business associates. An example of this is just this month, […]

Best Bank for Small Business

If you are a small business owner, you need to have a business account to handle your finances. Whether you have money to put into your small business, investors or very little money, you need a bank for security and possible loans in the future. In the instance you do not have a lot of […]

Cheapest Ways To Accept Credit Cards for Small Businesses

In order to evaluate the cheapest options for accepting credit cards as a small business owner, it is essential to understand the process that takes place any time a credit card action does occur. There are many options out there including online credit card payments, accepting credit card payments through options like PayPal and Square […]

Advertising on Television

Advertising is essential for all small business owners in order to get the word out about their business and effectively target and connect with customers and potential customers. Radio, print and internet advertising have been amongst the most popular forms of advertising because many view television advertising as too expensive for their small business based […]

Best Commercial Security Systems

Small Business owners must protect themselves in a variety of ways and the search for the best business security systems is an important one to maintain the safetly of a business. Security systems are extremely important and the amount spent on them should be a considerale consideration for any small business owner, whether you own […]

How to Tell If Money is Fake

Being able to tell that money is counterfeit is essential for small businesses. It is becoming easier by the day for criminals to produce counterfeit bills. It is essential to make sure that you and your employees are aware of what counterfeit bills look like. There are small class-offenses and instances where you could lose […]

How to Make a Small Business Website in Five Simple Steps

Small businesses are faced with many hurdles from the initial idea conceptualization of their business to the variety of daily challenges faced with running their own business. One of the most common hurdles for small business owners is the act of building their own website; in fact, half of small businesses still do not have […]

Small Business Position Titles

When you create a business you are building a management team and within this management team, there needs to be a structure. Giving meaningful job titles to your employees is important because it will give them self-worth and make them want to work harder for your small business, therefore, making your small business more successful. […]

Best QuickBooks Training

QuickBooks is an extraordinary piece of software. If you are reading this article, you may have used it some before or are beginning to use it. Either way, there are numerous ways to learn about QuickBooks. There are several free options to learn about QuickBooks and there are also a few options that cost money, […]

Grand Opening Ideas

One of the most exciting moments of starting your business is your grand opening. There is an air of possibility, potential, growth and most importantly excitement. It is important to keep all of these feelings in check as you move forward to your big day in order to fill your potential clients with the excitement […]

How To Advertise On Google: Fundamental Keys To Success

Read what everyone needs to know to make money with Google advertising.

When you understand how the system works, Google’s advertising model will become your best friend online for referring great leads to your business or earning extra income. To help you get off to a great start, we’ve put together this collection of the most […]

Do You Need a High-Risk Merchant Account?

Your business may be classified as high risk, but that doesn’t negate your need to process credit cards and payments like any other enterprise. When it’s imperative that you accept payments even though your preferred processor denied you, signing up for a high-risk merchant account might be the ideal solution. Here’s everything you need to […]

EMV Terminals

The Advantages of Terminals That Are Compatible With EMV – Factors That an Entrepreneur Should Consider When Choosing Terminals

In general, terminals that are compatible with EMV will allow a business to accept credit cards that are associated with Europay, MasterCard and Visa, and the devices can process cards that feature cutting-edge chips with encrypted information. […]

Chase Paymentech Reviews

Chase Paymentech has become a global leader in the payment processing industry because they provide the dual services of establishing merchant relationships and handling payments. By cutting out the need to work with an acquiring bank, the company has eliminated the middleman, which has resulted in streamlined service and higher revenues. Founded in 1985 as […]

From Setup to Success: Your Complete Guide to Business Email

Email is the backbone of communication within a company and between the company and its customers. From creating an email address and sending basic business emails to building a list of potential leads and sending out newsletters to drive conversions, there’s a lot to learn and manage.

This guide will take you through every step of […]

American Express Working Capital Review

Small and midsize business owners in the U.S. have a potential new source of funding: American Express, the credit card giant that’s headquartered in New York City. During the summer of 2016, this company began to offer loans through a program called Working Capital Terms.This American Express working capital review program is designed to let […]

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards


NerdWallet pinpoints the average American credit card debt at just over $15,300. With additional charges accruing on this debt daily, cards carrying an 18% annual percentage rate (APR) are racking up $2,630 in interest per year. Since the minimum payment is only slightly above the interest charges added to the balance each month, consumers are finding […]

Best Domain Name Brokers

Assessing the worth of a domain name can be challenging. If you’re in the business of buying or selling domain names, it’s important to accurately determine their value and get as much exposure as possible. There are people who do this for a living. Domain name brokers can help you buy, sell and appraise domain […]

How To Find Out Who Owns A Domain Name

Ownership of a domain matters to you if you are its registrant, and taking some easy steps to verify it may prevent confusion and disagreements. The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) authorizes registrars to issue and make changes to domain names. Wholesalers of domain names include eHost.com, iPage.com, Bluehost.com, FatCow.com, GoDaddy.com. and […]

Loan Depot Review

Founded by one of the best-known names in the world of lending, Loan Depot, which bills itself as a “national, non-bank lender serving consumers,” started out by offering mortgage loans and refinance loans. About a year ago, the company branched out to start offering personal loans too, and home equity loans are also counted among […]

Top 10 Types of Startup Business Loans

Getting a startup off the ground takes more than a great idea; you also need money. Too many new businesses fail due to lack of initial capital. Unfortunately, Startups usually don’t qualify for traditional loans from banks, so aspiring entrepreneurs need to get creative when seeking investors.Businesses that offer peer-to-peer, or P2P, loans have traditionally […]

Amazon Loans And Other Funding Options for Online Sellers

Some Amazon businesses operate exclusively through Amazon. Other sellers start out offering products through their own website or by listing products on eBay and other online marketplaces. Still other sellers get their start selling products in their front yards or through local flea markets. Eventually, they all come together in the Amazon marketplace, and they […]

MailChimp Versus Constant Contact

Two of the top email marketing software providers are MailChimp and Constant Contact. While they offer many of the same services, the quality of the services, customer support and price varies. Depending on what you want from your email marketing software, you may want to choose Constant Contact or MailChimp as your provider.As a small […]

Small Business Loan Rates

From expanding into new territory, shoring up your brick-and-mortar location, to paying off high-interest debts that just won’t go away, there might be many reasons you’d need a small business loan. The Small Business Administration routinely lends $50 million or more each year, and you can take advantage of both the low interest rates and […]

Top 10 Best Press Release Services

The right press release increases your company’s visibility and makes your brand more recognizable. When it comes to this form of advertising, success also hinges on your distribution site. To this end, it’s important to select a company that has the skills and clout to ensure that your press release attracts as much attention as […]

Top 3 CRM For Small Businesses

Small businesses have a few advantages when it comes to managing customer relations. According to Nasdaq, customer service is one area in which small businesses can outperform the larger corporations. However, managing customer relationships and tracking data may not seem so easy when you have employees to manage, finances to deal with and products to order, […]

Shopify Capital Review

In April of 2016, Shopify joined a number of other Internet-based services in providing its customers with financing options by launching Shopify Capital. Like the financial assistance services that Paypal and Square have both been offering, Shopify Capital is designed to provide funding to small businesses. Individuals who use Shopify’s eCommerce platform to host their […]

Grasshopper Phone Review

Have you heard about the Grasshopper phone system? Maybe you’ve even been reading some Grasshopper reviews online. How does it stack up, and what exactly does it offer?

To begin with, Grasshopper is a private branch exchange (PBX) system, which is an internal phone network that an organization uses. Overall, it’s a dependable system, one that’s […]

Choosing Between Paychex and ADP

While ADP has a cheaper sticker price, they offer fewer discounts than Paychex. In addition, ADP charges a small setup fee to begin using the software.When it comes to small businesses, payroll companies are one of the best ways to easily complete payroll. They know the different regulations in each state, so payroll businesses make […]