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Wave Apps Review: Free Small Business Accounting Software

Free accounting, invoicing and payroll software – how could anyone not get excited about Wave Apps? Whether it’s tracking sales, billing customers or receiving payments, this software provides a way to do everything. In fact, Wave Accounting says it’s all anyone needs to manage small business finances. Does Wave Apps live up to the hype? […]

Shipping Supply Options for Small Businesses

For small retailers and businesses, plans for mailing or shipping products are often considered last in the grand scheme of providing quality goods to customers. With the focus on the products themselves, shipping is sometimes overlooked until right before the products must go out the door, and then packaging can become a nightmare if the […]

Setting Up QuickBooks

QuickBooks is designed to help small businesses and corporations organize their finances. This program is created so that it can be accessed from a computer or mobile device from any location. Through QuickBooks, businesses can enjoy having a simplified way of tracking expenses, sales and taxes.One of the best things about using QuickBooks is the […]

SBA Form 413 Instructions

Financing a new business often necessitates raising significant capital to fund operations, purchase assets, and finance growth. Unfortunately, getting approved for a small business loan can be difficult due to the risks associated with business failure. In an attempt to stimulate entrepreneurial growth, the U.S. government offers a variety of loans to small businesses. Although […]

Guide To Renting A Billboard

It is easy to see billboards on a drive to work or road trip. Billboards reach out to consumers within the immediate area and capture their attention. Designed for local businesses and consumers, this marketing option can be an effective way to notify consumers about a new business, product or service. Like most aspects of […]

Facebook Advertising Coupons And Credits

If you’re an online retailer or have a website for your business, you may have wondered about Facebook advertising coupons and credits. These offers are designed to get people who have not advertised with Facebook before to start doing so.

Facebook advertising credits may be referred to as coupons or discounts, but they all do the […]

CAN Capital Review

As a small business owner, you know how confusing it can be to get your hands on the working capital that you need. That’s particularly true if you’re just getting your business off the ground or operate a business in an industry that traditional lenders won’t work with under most circumstances. If you need a […]

Best VoIP Service Providers for Businesses

Searching for the best VoIP provider for small businesses should not cause excruciating headaches. This is why we took the time to outline the benefits of using custom VoIP services while also providing readers with a quick overview of the most attractive features provided by selected companies. We believe that every offer appearing on this […]

Factoring Account Receivables Guide And Tips

Most factoring transactions follow a similar structure.

1. Your organization completes a service or delivers goods to a client.
2. Your organization provides an invoice to that client.
3. Your invoice is sold to the factoring company.
4. You receive the first installment within 24 business hours. On average, the first installment is about 80 percent of the total.
5. […]

DocuSign vs. RightSignature

Fortunately, the signing process tends to be pretty easy from the recipient’s perspective, regardless of who is providing the service. Once you have a document that needs signing, you use a company such as DocuSign or RightSignature to send a signable version of it over. This individual then looks over the document and, upon agreeing, […]

30 Great Invoice Factoring Companies


Have You Checked Out Universal Funding?

Universal Funding Corporation provides invoice factoring solutions for businesses allowing them to stabilize cash flow. Their clients gain quick access to capital to grow their businesses without taking on new debt. Established in 1998, Universal finances SMEs and enterprise level businesses and are longtime members of the International Factoring Association.  LEARN MORE

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Factoring Company Comparisons

Universal Funding Corp
Riviera Finance
Paragon Financial Group
New Century Financial
Charter Capital

Rates & Fees

Minimum Rate Percentage (Percent of enrolled accounts charged to you by the factoring company.)

Can Conditions Affect the Minimum Rate Percentage? (Company health and finances as well as other factors such as general industry health may affect Minimum Rate Percentage)


Initial Percent Funded (Percentage of total invoice the factor will forward to you. Balance minus factor fees are sent after invoice is collected.)

Can Conditions Affect Initial Percent Funded? (Company financial health and other factors may result in a smaller Initial Percent Funded)



No Startup Fee No fee required to start service.)



No Termination Fee (No required to end service with factor.)



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Maximum Overdue Accounts (Some companies will not work with accounts that exceed a certain number of days of delinquency.)
45 days
No Maximum
75 Days
Not Verified
45 days

Maximum Accounts Receivable (This is the maximum monthly sales for your business that this company will consider to factor for you. Some do not have a limit. Others do not wish to work with companies that have larger accounts receivable.)
$5 million
$2 million
$3 million
Not Verified
$10 million

Canada (This company works with your business if it is based out of Canada.)


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Factoring Process

Nonrecourse Factoring (If a company offers this service, you are not responsible for repaying the fronted percent of the accounts receivable that you signed over to the company.)


No Invoice Minimum (This company does not require a minimum dollar amount of invoices per month.)


No Commitment Minimum (Companies with no commitment minimum do not require that you promise your accounts receivable for any predetermined amount of time.)

Online Application (The application process is entirely online. You may have to email or fax paper work to verify information and forward your accounts receivable.)

Fund Within 24 Hrs. {Factor will make funds available to you within 24 hours of completion of goods or service (Up to their established Minimum Rate Percentage)}

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Dedicated Advisor (Your account is assigned a dedicated advisor for a more personal, direct level of service.)


Telephone Support (This company provides a telephone number for you to reach out and contact customer service if you need to.)

Live Chat (There is live chat available on the company’s website so you have quick access to assistance.)


Email (This company provides an email address to which you can send inquiries and ask for assistance.)


BBB Rating (Better Business Bureau current rating.)


Storefront Signs Guide

Most small business owners are quite passionate about the products and services that they offer to customers, but many of them have trouble conveying the true value of their brands to their target market of clients. Communication issues only become more challenging when business owners have to create abbreviated messages and pictures for signage that […]

30 SEO Checklist Must Haves

It may seem like an obvious step, but many companies neglect to think about each and every product they offer. This is a major consideration when it comes to your keywords. You’ll want to get as creative as possible, generating different combinations of words to cover every possible phrase that would describe your business services. […]

E-Commerce Fulfillment Tips

Many e-commerce companies start small with a few customers and a manual shipping process. As you grow, you will need to scale up your approach to packing and shipping items. Once you are shipping out more than 3,000 orders per day, manual fulfillment becomes impossible. Switching to automated shipping or programs like Amazon FBA can […]

Tips For Startup Business Loans And Funding

Running a startup can be a thrilling experience, but finding capital can be a challenge. Many startup businesses reach out to friends, family, angel investors and crowdfunding to start their business. While these techniques can work, it is also possible to get loans for startups. This option can help the business to build credit and […]

Kabbage Interest Rates

The word “financing” makes a lot of people cringe, partly because it elicits the idea of accounting, spreadsheets and dull terminology that most entrepreneurs aren’t passionate about. You started an online business because of your desire to do what you do, not necessarily to crunch numbers. The thought of financing your big idea might be […]

Kabbage Alternatives

Top 5 E-Commerce Platforms Like Shopify

For many consumers, price is the deciding factor when shopping. However, an e-commerce platform is the foundation of your online retail business, so it may be just as important to consider other aspects such as usability and available upgrades. Once you’ve determined which features you need, you can shop for the best price. Here is […]

Shopify pricing vs. Bigcommerce Pricing vs. Volusion Pricing

PayPal Working Capital Reviews

PayPal Working Capital (PPWC) loans work like traditional merchant cash advances in many ways. There are a few differences to be aware of, however. Many businesses, even online merchants, use PayPal as a secondary payment method. This means receipts into a PayPal account are not always reliable. For the first 18 months of the loan, […]

Working Capital

Working capital is equal to current assets minus current liabilities. Businesses rely on their working capital to pay for everyday expenses. To put it into a real-world example, consider an online merchant who bills customers for shipments. Add the amount of money owed by the customers to the merchant’s current inventory value, and subtract that […]

How To Sell Your Website The Smart Way

Are you looking to sell your website? The process can be daunting. Selling your website has many variables, and after so much personal investment, it is important that you consider the following tips before making the transaction.Before selling your website, you should understand why people buy websites. Potential buyers are coming to you because they […]

Top 3 Reasons PayPal Working Capital Declined You

3 Essential Parts To Your Shopify Business Plan

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Pro Tip: Build Killer Links with Outbrain

5 Reasons Why Your Domain Names Suck

Domains And Search Engine Rankings – Top SEO’s Weigh In

Earlier this summer Moz presented the 2013 Search Engine Rankings Factor Survey. Basically Moz surveys 120 of the smartest thought leaders in the search industry to evaluate which page or site level attributes has the strongest association with ranking highly in Google. The following pie chart illustrates the most powerful ranking factors according to the […]

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Lesser Known Benefits of Owning a Premium Domain

Premium domains are highly sought after, to the point where unregistered .com names that are short and memorable are pretty much a thing of the past. There are many well known reasons why these names are so valuable including potential SEO benefits, brand protection and direct ‘type-in’ traffic to name a few.  While these benefits […]

5 Steps For Successfully Naming Your Business or Product

Are you preparing to start a new business or launch a new product/service? The name of your new startup is one of the most important variables that could greatly influence whether your project will succeed or fail. While a great business name has always been important it’s absolutely essential in today’s Internet connected marketplace.

Your chosen […]

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Where Are They Now: The 100 Oldest Domain Names

Over the past couple of months I’ve noticed my 5 year old son being indoctrinated with domain names. A couple weeks back he starts chanting PBS.org and KidsPlaceLive.com like it some sort of good luck spell. Then he starts begging me to let him go on Disney.com. Finally he asked me a great question: what […]

10 Ways To Buy Premium Domain Names For Less

Negotiation Protip: Make the Otherside Feel Like They Won

The 5 Biggest Benefits of Owning Premium Domains

Fail: How to Lose a Great Deal on a Premium Domain

Launching a Business on a “Quirky” Domain Name? Think Twice!

What Is Domain Leasing?

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Customer Service Tips

What Is An E-Commerce Business?

Looking To Buy A Website And Domain?

Guide On How To Sell A Website

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