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ShopKeep – Background

ShopKeep is the #1 rated Point of Sale System for an iPad with an 8.4 rating on TrustPilot.  ShopKeep is an iPad based business that serves as a built-in register that allows small businesses to keep track of checks and payments. A variety of businesses use ShopKeep including, but not limited to retail businsses, restaurants, bars, franchises and quick-serve businsses. The ShopKeep business model includes a beautiful touch-screen interface that allows users to scan barcodes to add items to the shopping cart. There are also tools within ShopKeep that allows clients to make bookings, market their company with images, keep track of inventory, staff and payments as well as registrations. The pricing is reasonable and it is a great option for small business owners as the back-office features are quite impressive, the customer service is great and the design is unique. The register works extremely well and the raw ingredient tracking is a very helpful feature for cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and vendors in the juice, coffee and food industries.  ShopKeep is best for small to medium sized businesses, but as it has improved its technology, it can handle more and more locations. ShopKeep is a niche business and it can handle 10,000 items. They know what they are doing and stay away from the larger-scale businesses knowing their strengths. The barcode scanner is important as it handles inventory after the 270 item buttons by the iPad register. They pride themselves as the guaranteed lowest rate for integrated payment processing.

ShopKeep – Overview

ShopKeep draws a lot of clients in with its affordable pricing structure which is a flate fee of $69 per month per register your small business has. So, if you are a one-stop-shop store, your monthly fee will be $69 with no termination fee to end the membership. If you have a business that requires terminals in more than one location, that will cost $29 per register. The software and hardware is not the most complex in the world, but the software they have created is truly elegant and it is catered to small businesses. Food and beverage sellers have become the main clients of ShopKeep and their focus on the ingredient aspect of their service shows just how focused they are on the food and beverage industries, really trying to capitalize on the positives of what they have to offer and the businesses that the strengths of ShopKeep can really help. Easy-to-use integration for their customers has become a focal point of ShopKeep since they partnered with the eCommerce platform, BigCommerce. They have put a large focus into the shift to online shopping that is going on with the culture shift of how business is being done in the online era. Support is available 24/7 every day of the year and ShopKeep offers two hours of free setup with an expert. The ios App is now available on the Android device in addition to Apple and has improved significantly over the years. The hyprid setup used by ShopKeep allows the app to run locally from an iPad and sync data to the cloud when there is internet connection. If an outage occurs, the app continues to run.

ShopKeep – Hardware and Operating Systems

Shopkeep requires iOS 8.2 or higher hardware in order to use its products through iPads and iPad minis. ShopKeep also has a hardware shop where they allow customers to purchase hardware. It is feasible to purchase ShopKeep’s hardware outside of ShopKeep itself, but it is important to keep in mind that this hardware must still be the same hardware that is recommended on ShopKeep’s website. Shopekeep sells its hardware online which is convenient for its customers. ShopKeep does offer some deals which should be considered when you are purchasing the ShopKeep product so you can buy all the peripheral items in a bundle and save money in the long run. ShopKeep’s bundles begin with a starter kit that includes an iPad stand, cash drawer, receipt printer and card swipe. Other kits focus more on quick serve and retail establishmendts and cost about $1000. Depending on your budget, it could be worth going to outside sources and buying items individually, but this can certainly become very time consuming. The EMV readers offered by ShopKeep which are pretty essential are readers that connect through Bluetooth or ones that can be hardwired into the ShopKeep application. These each cost around the same price point of $300. The modern register accepts Apple Pay and EMV at extremely fast speeds. Their hardware is said to help give you clear and detailed data with real time reports that you can access from your dektop and more recently, from the application on your smartphone that they have continued to improve.

ShopKeep – The Interface and Usability – The Software

ShopKeep is a unique piece of software and the interface is a sleek platform and the Control Panel screen has come an extremely long way. First off, the sleek platform exists on the iPad in an extremely fluid and clear format fit with sound effects and a mute option if your employee is speaking to a customer and you need to turn the application off for the moment. The enjoyment of using the ShopKeep interface is truly not an exaggeration. The functionality of the control panel places your business name and the calculator for any given charge you are making flat in the middle with steps on the right side that make the job easy to get done for any new or old employee beginning with ‘1. Open Shift Screen, 2. Log your opening cash, 3. Start your shift, 4. Start ringing up sales after opening your shift.’  Then you have an option where you can add inventory on an  item-by-item basis or by CSV mass import. You can add buttons on your iPad register on the modern application which will allow you to log into your Back Office. When you do this, you can fill in the details of your store address, store name and all else which will be shown in your receipts. Employee time tracking, inventory receiving on the web platform and register functions all become available to you once you fill out the information necessary in your back office.

ShopKeep – Features

ShopKeep offers a large variety of features in its application and on its online platform. As we briefly mentioned the back office is an extremely complex part of the ShopKeep application and the small business operating a single register will pay $69 per month for the more advanced tools. Outlets with more registers will also have to pay an increased rate. Additionally, the system allows you to access and manage inventory as often as you want. You can also deal directly with your customers, analyze their purchases and assess your employees time, allowing for easier time management. Records are keps for each and all of your transactions with offers you insights into reporting options for analyzing data. Technical support is available for this by live chat and email regularly and as needed for the clients of ShopKeep.

ShopKeep – Inventory Management

ShopKeep’s inventory management and functionality is extremely efficient and helps increase its clients levels of productivity at an exremely impressive rate. The inventory is coming out with updates constantly and allows clients to create parent items. ShopKeep does a great job of keeping an invetory of items that are raw goods and creating assemblies based on this information. Foodservice providers are greatly benefitting from the fact that Lendvo is providing this service. The ‘Bird’s Eye View’ of the inventory management tracks total sales, total transactions, customers saved, receipts emailed this week, the total staff members you have, hours loffed by the week, active items and items on the layout. The register tracks total sales, items sold, factors in taxes and so forth into the equation and results. One of their recent updates in the past year was a Matrix Inventory structure, tracking all inventory, reorder reports, item modifiers, bulk management, inventory imports, inventory layout, receipt and adjusting of inventory amounts and so forth. Users unfortunately cannot definte the unit measurement of each raw ingredient, but they can

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ShopKeep – Reporting

ShopKeep’s Reporting and Analysis is extremely impressive. Recently they added average cost reporting, sales by customer reporting and sales by discount reporting. The Analytics Dashboard shows a chart at the bottom listing ‘Total Sales by Hour’, ‘Average Sales by Hour’, showing the ‘Transaction Count’ and it allows clients to set different tax rates which is a great feature expecially if you, as a client are based in more than one state and there are different tax rates in each place where you are. Thi sis done by taking the ‘Gross Sales’ and subtracting the ‘Returns’ then subtracting the ‘Discounts’ to receive your ‘Net Sales’. This will give you what you should be charging for your ‘Sales Tax’ and can be done easily by any of your employees. The Multi-Store tab within the dashboard allows you to utilize this with a multi-location capability for when the company is looking to expand this feature in the future. All of your stores can now be viewed in a parent website for the business. A drop down box here will allow you to view each store individually. Comprehensive views of separate locations are available in dashboard overviews and you can track all of these items in a summary view by the day or by the month.

ShopKeep –Third-Party Integration

ShopKeep has really improved The ShopKeep Pocket App lately and it is available now on both the iOS and Android devices. This give you the ability to track exactly how your business is doing no matter where you may be, traveling abroad or on a beach nearby. ShopKeep has teamed up with Mailchimp which is key because this allows you to track how your business is doing in-store and in more than one of your stores through ShopKeep while you can also pursue your email marketing through one of the top email marketing platforms in the business. MailChimp allows you do send 12,000 emails per month for free if you have fewer than 2,000 subscribers and it costs a bit more after these amounts, but the fact that ShopKeep is paired with them makes it worth it. QuickBooks offers you the opportunity to use the AppCard which is the loyalty program they have integrated to provide unique reporting, personalized offers and synch with the ShopKeep sales data. The BigCommerce addition to ShopKeep costs users another $15 per month but it gives its users the chance to set up an online store which is ever more important in this day and age. This allows you to transfer all of your information from your ShopKeep account to BigCommerce seamlessly.

ShopKeep – Customer Service

There is a payment solution offered through ShopKeep directly, but they accept most major credit card companies. ShopKeep’s customer service has received good reviews for the most part, they offer support 24/7 with live chat online, email, text message and web help offered all the time. ShopKeep representatives are usually extremely helpful and responsive when contacted by customers. A downside is that if you are a client and want to call any time to receive assistance from ShopKeep, you have to pay an extra $30 per month for premium care. ShopKeep also has what they call a support microside that provides very helpful and extensive articles. Their social media channels provide links to the ShopKeep blogs. Overall, reviews from customers are positive and most people are happy with the product of ShopKeep and recommend it to their friends and customers. The reasonable pricing, ease of use and solid customer service are what keep ShopKeep rated highly on TrustPilot and other major ratings companies throughout their industry.

ShopKeep – Some of the Negatives

Yet, while there have been a lot of positive reviews about ShopKeep, there have also been complaints that they are slow to put in updates into the website and that even when people have complaints about bugs they have not responded or fixed that bug immediately a lot of the time. The price used to be $49 and has since gone up to $69 since they have received customers, but for a lot of customers who were drawn to the ShopKeep service, the truth is that this is a large price increase. Others complain that when they have called in the back, they never even received a phone call back and the same went for after they had sent a follow-up e-mail. Others say that the equipment that you buy of theres can cause problems, especially the wrieless receipt printer and other printing solutions that you may buy elsewhere; it may not work immediately with the ShopKeep software and you should be wary of what and where you are buying your supplemental materials if and when you become a ShopKeep customer.

ShopKeep – The Final Word

We found it important to note the negatives of ShopKeep and that it is certaintly not a seamlessly integrated platform for all store owners and coffe shop owners who need to use it. Yet, at the end of the day, the service that ShopKeep offers is a viable platform and should be considered by coffee owners, restaurant owners, food and beverage owners especially as well as retail owners. The fact that they really are improving their technology regularly and improving the usability of their dashboard alongside the improvements that have come with their analytics. ShopKeep has proven to skyrocket profits, make fact-based decisions and consistently help you grow as a business. ShopKeep is important for your business because it helps you make intelligent connections when using the analytics that you receive. Your ability to see who on your staff is performing at a high rate and who is not performing at a high rate is an extremely important role that a small business owner because your employees and level of management make up an extremely important part of your business. The abilities to track sales daily and hourly in addition to individual transactions that you can break down by attributes and sales by the hour while creating pie charts of departmenst and categories will help you to know the right time to expand certain departments and categories that exist within your business. The ShopKeep Pocket App is also extremely important as times go on and when employees need to make changes in their schedules, they don’t need to email you directly but they can tell you over the schedule. Tracking top tellin gitems can also help you to acknoqledge where your shift managers should be ordering items within their inventory reports. The separation tranquility allows you to track your gross margin, average sail value in addition to giving you context when comparin gsales and profit margin on daily, monthly, weekly and yearly bases. Despite the negative reviews of ShopKeep, our recommendation is that the positive attributes of ShopKeep and improvements it continues to make make it worth it to use.