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Pivotal Payments Review – Background

Pivotal Payments is a payment processing business that provides global payment processing solutions in the Point-of-Sale and Business-to-Business industries. We will tell you about what they do a bit before flat out saying don’t do business with them, but the truth is the amount of negative complaints, is, well, scary and you should be very wary about doing business with them. They are a merchant services provider that gives small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to process payments when credit cards are not present. Their main solutions provide the opportunity for merchants to accept card-not-present payments with integrated POS. The mobile solutions that Pivotal Payments offered have increased over the year and they pride themselves on profitability and increasing of sales for businesses. Pivotal Payments is headquartered in Plano, Texas with a Sales office in Montreal, Quibec. They have over 1,500 agents and 350 employees with additional offices in Melville, New York. Pivotal Payments was established in 2003 and purchased Cardex Dorporation in mid-2008 changing its name at that time to Pivotal Payments. Despite how they may classify themselves on their own website, Pivotal Payments two top words on their google search are “scam” and “lawsuit”. The reviews and blogs from people who have done business with them are lethal. The CEO of the business Pivotal Payments is Philip Fayer. The banks that suppy the merchant accounts that allow merchants to accept credit card payments are called acquiring banks and these should be looked at carefully too. The acquiring banks of Pivotal Payments are Merrick Bank of South Jordan, Utah, BMO Harris Bank: N.A., Wells Fargo of Walnut Creek, California. These should all be reviewed.

Pivotal Payments : The Dirt

Pivotal Payments claims their mission is to provide valued processing solutions and make a positive impact on businesses as a top Global merchant Services Provider. They say they want to offer a meaningful contribution to their clients, partners, employees and those who invest in their business, their shareholders. It is hard to believe any of this true from the standpoint of a company that takes money from those looking to grow their businesses by using a merchant services provider like Pivotal Payments. Pivotal Payment is an ISO and they are a reseller of First Data, Global Payments and TSYS credit card processing services. It is frightening when a merchant services provider is actually reselling credit from another credit card services provider. Their Better Business Bureau Rating is A+ which may be in part to the good standing of the acquiring banks that they are in business with, but this does not justify the questionability of the bank’s actions. They have received well over 160 public complaints and they offer a three-year contract through Global Payments that will charge you $395 or $495 if you terminate early. This termination fee is extremely high for this category of early termination fees with merchant service providers. Another red flag is that they fail to disclose all of the terms involved with the credit card machines they use in their leases. Additionally they do not disclose all of the terms that come with their Early Termination FEE (ETF) which is where most of the complaints on the business of Pivotal Payments to lie on the Internet. Customer service is also poor.

Pivotal Payments: Industries, Products and Services

Pivotal Payments services its clients with independent salespeople which is questionable in the first place. When businesses are contracting out independent contractors, it is important to make sure that these people are legitimate because they are the ones selling you the actual products and when a company like this is hiring independent salespeople, it is really an immediate red flag and should be for any potential client or customer considering doing business with them. Their products and services include debit and credit card processing, POS equipment  – the providing of it and usage of it, without the extensive explanation of how to use it that other businesses provide. The Online payment gateway they use is called the Pivotal Payments Gateway. They also have a Virtual Terminal and A sales reporting platform that server the retail, mobile, Moto, E-commerce, restaurant, hospitality and business-to-business services. Their online reporting is provided through a Pivotal360 Online Reporting platform which they say allows for access to sales data at a moment’s notice. This also keeps records of daily credit and debit transactions that are accessible 24/7 from any computer or tablet and downloadable by months or months away. There are chart transactions available here by percentage and by date or card type. Alerts are provided daily by Pivotal Payments to their customers. Pivotal Payments also offers PCI-PED Compliance paypads in an affordable package which are leading models Ingenico and Verifone that come with connectivity options. The question of the bright and beautiful PIN pads and 360 reporting though his why not have a simpler program that costs less money and provide truthful sales representatives and better customer service support? There are many red flags that arise based on reviews when looking after their products and services.

Pivotal Payments – Canadian Business

Something that is actually a plus for Pivotal Payments is their accessibility to Canadian merchants that they work with. Being that they have a very large office and business force in Montreal, Quebec, their main offices are headquartered in the United States. Most businesses in the merchant services POS industry do not offer some of the services that they do offer. Pivotal Payments has been looking to improve their business based on bad reviews but companies like Helcim payments seem like a better option in Canada. Even though they have been improving there services, we have read reviews that seem to show there are still many better businesses to provider your Business-to-Business merchant service providership than Pivotal Payments. Claiming to be the perfect compliment to your Point of Sale, Canada may be the only place I would consider to use their business with mine. About three years ago, in a scary move, but something that some clients in Canada need, the Pivotal Payments business in Canada

Pivotal Payments: Early Termination Fees

Pivotal does not have a ton of products and services, but they do have a ton of Early Termination Fees that they charge as noted before ranging from $395 to $495 which are both extremely high! Pivotal Payments is not clear about its fees or rates on its website, on the main content pages or on the fine print built into the website page. Fees range from $25 to $50. Apparently Pivotal has begun offering month-to-month options where people are forced into contracts that they are not even sure they are being forced into. The contract is not a month or a year, but actually a three-year contract that auto-renews itself by Pivotal. The industry standard for the auto-renewals is one-year and they ask that you submit a written request for cancellation 90 days before your contract expires. If you do not write this written request you will be snacked with one of the astronomical interest fees. The first charge they hit you with is $500 for merchants that process less than $180,000 per year which is a very high starting point fee to charge customers for. The second fee they hit you with is for liquidated damages if you go over that price point threshhold.

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Pivotal Mobile: Sales and Advertising

Pivotal Payments sales and marketing efforts are shady to say the lease because they do not tell their customers about any of the fees that they are subsequently going to charge them. The strategy is one that is based around false information, or that is how it seems because there is very little sale copy or information and the website. The website is written in an obscure way offering very little information in comparison to many other sales and marketing providers in the industry. This scares me looking at the website because if you are a company that is doing good busienss, the truth is you want to tell people more about your business and share all of the good work you are doing with the rest of the world. The lack of disclosure of information on their website is concerning and it feels like they are leaving a lot of information out. There is very little help offered on the website and that is scary when you are surverying a credit card processing website. You want information.

Reviews – Positive Reviews, Far and Few

There have been some positive reviews written online about Pivotal Payments service. The satisfied customers have said that their service did help them increase business sales and gain new business that they thought they may never have. Some other customers said they found it easy to learn how to use the website and to continue to use the website and that they found the rates of the interest rates to be lower than some other business’ rates. The customer support was 24/7 and customers say they were happy with their support. It does seem Pivotal Payments is seeking to make some do good efforts in response to a lot of the negative backlash and complaints they have received about their Business-to-Business services and RipoffReport remarks. The Early Termination Fees and long contracts complaints greatly outweigh any and all of the positive comments online. So much for the very few positive complaints, we had much more fun reading the negative complaints as, after all, people making positive complaints, do not go too far into detail so much as the people making negative complaints delve into detail on the awfulness of a service.

Pivotal Preview: A Taste of the Bitter and Negative Reviews

When you search on Google for Pivotal Payments, it is not easy to find the sea-full of waves that is more like an ocean that is the complaints about the questionable responses that often come in caps lock. It is scary to see the number of complaints on the website that are written in caps lock because then you know how angry the customers are that they have succomb to a contract that will last three years and be renewed automatically that these clients never knew they would be getting into. The truth is, it is not even clear to a lot of customers and to us if they are really charging only $395 or $495 based on reviews that have appeared in Google Forums and on RipOff report and other websites about their business. It does not seem like it is easy for customer service representatives to calm down fuming business owners who complain about every day costs like supplies, having to pay their employees, accountants and so forth then on top of that their merchant service providers. The worst thing for a small business owner is being hit with fees they did not expect to be hit with. This really rubs a business owner the wrong wway and there is no instance you can tell more than with Pivotal Payments because when you are reading the complaints filing in you feel that people are sitting behind their computers, fuming red, with smoke coming out of their heads and ready to launch into the computer to the Canadian or U.S. based offices and literally attack the customer service representatives that they are commuting with over the Internet.

Customer service representatives must not be paid enough at Pivotal Payments nor are they doing their job correctly. It is questionable how much they are being paid if Pivotal Payments sales representatives are complaining that they are not even beind paid enough. We urge you to go online and evaluate what is going on with Pivotal Payments before you agree to do any sort of business with them as their business practices and level and lack of transparency is truly frightening for us and any small business owners considering doing business with them in the United States or Canada. The 66 resolved complaints gave Pivotal a A+ rating and the aggregate complaints can be found on the page for the Melville, New York headquarters while the Better Business Bureau has the data for the profile link as Texas. The 58 complaints on Ripoff Report are questionable and also questionable is the fact that Pivotal Payments actually invested in the Corporate Advocacy Program. This program is a way for businesses to pay complaints sites to ‘take care’ of bad reports and prevent them from happening in the future.

Pivotal Payments – The Final Word: The Good, The Bad and the Dirty

Look, as a small busienss owner, it is your responsibility to make decisions about which vendors you do business with at the end of the way. It is your decision to decide which accountant to use and which merchant provider to go to for your Business-to-Business needs. We do not usually write reports and articles highlighting the negatives of a busienss but when Google is literally shouting at you to make clear to your readers and customers how unlawful the business a certain business is doing it is essential that we share the knowledge we have and research we have done with you so that you are protected. Pivotal Payments is a business with a shady and unclear business practice that has proven to have angered a ton of small busienss owners and hit them fith fees of hundreds to thousands of dollars in addition to ropint clients into contracts they had no idea they were getting into. At the end of the day, we have written reports about merchant service providers that small business owners have been extremely happy with and there are others that are highly rated with amazing reviews on any other websites. This is the type of business that will be handling your business deals and your credit card processing. You can make your own decision, but throwing money into a ditch is the number one thing a small business ownerr does not want to do. There is no doubt in the world that you have to pay taxes and will have to pay other fees so if it is preventable there is no need not to prevent it. If you are hell-bent on giving Pivotal Payments a shot, then you can go ahead and do your own research and see if the complaints on the Better Business Bureau and the Ripoff Report were actually remedied and it is possible they are, maybe we are pessimists. Pivotal Payments reliance on outside and independent ssales agents means that they rely on telemarketing, franchises and no online advertisements. All they have online aside from their website is complains about their services. Most of the complaints refer to lost income, terrible customer service and an inability to relate to their clients who are small business owners that are losing money based on lies about early termination fees and contracts that they never knew they would enter into. At the end of the day, stay away.