Pro Tip: Build Killer Links with Outbrain

Overall Benefit

When I first heard about Outbrain I instantly thought it was a brilliant idea. Being able to instantly get your content in front of a large audience can do magical things for your brand or business. However, I began wishing that the links Outbrain places could pass some SEO value. I found myself day dreaming about creating a nice piece of content and hitting a button to earn links from CNN, NBC, FastCompany and other sites in the Outbrain network. How great would that be! Any SEO would drool at the opportunity.
Then it hit me: Outbrain can be a great tool to building high quality links, just in a unique way. Here’s the just of the scheme:

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Easy Steps

  • Step 1: Find a high priority target site. Go through the usual site research steps to find a target site that is both valuable and somewhat likely to link. The point of failure for many people is the second half of that statement.
  • Step 2: Develop a great peace of content. Create a guest post, infographic, video; any piece of content that will be hosted on an external site and link back to you. Obviously the better the content the better your chances of getting something placed so don’t half ass it!
  • Step 3: Outreach. Here’s where Outbrain comes in. Reach out to your target site with the proposition of picking up your content. Within your outreach message casually drop a link that once your article is published you plan to promote it through your social channels, email list….and Outbrain.

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Final Thought

The benefit to the host site is obvious; you’re paying good money to push traffic to their site. But there’s a deeper subliminal message behind this offer to promote through Outbrain. It shows webmasters that you believe in your content and find it valuable enough to put dollars behind. After all why would you pay to promote it? Both aspects can drastically increase a webmasters willingness to take your content on and in turn your chances of earning that delicious link.  Best of all this is not paid linking (i.e. it does not violate Google’s guidelines) as promoting your content is a natural part of the internet ecosystem.  So there you have it, using Outbrain to increase your chances of successfully closing a link placement. Give it a try on your next link building campaign and leave some comments below on how this works for you!