5 Reasons Why Your Domain Names Suck!

The Truth

Over the last two years we’ve been fortunate to help many domain investors sell their premium domains through our Free Domain Selling Service. However, one of the bad sides of offering a free selling service is people submitting crappy domains. Yup some people submit terrible domains even though we are blunt about the types of domains we are looking for (generic .com domains we value at $10,000 or above). They even argue with us after we politely advise them we cannot accept their junky names.

We thought a brief overview of why some domains suck might be helpful. Here are the reasons why your names suck (and we don’t want to represent them):

  • 1. Your name is not a .com: Ya we know other extensions can be valuable. Yup we know .net’s and .org’s are great. But .com is still king….period! Even with the upcoming new .TLD’s launching there is nothing like a solid .com domain name. I mean come guys we named our service “go for the .com” for a reason.
  • 2. Your name doesn’t get any inquiries: We get lots of submissions and one of the first questions we ask is “Do you have any contact information for previously interested parties?” If the answer is the name did not get any inquires we instantly yell “NEXT!!!” If your domain doesn’t get inquires it means no one wants your crappy domain.
  • 3. The domain is long, hard to spell and/or hyphenated: NEXT!!!
  • 4. You just recently hand registered the domain: You’d be surprised how many people submit names they just recently hand registered. For kicks sometimes we still ask for their asking price. It’s always funny to see people expect to register a domain and sell it for crazy multiple less than 2 weeks later.
  • 5. Your asking price is crazy: After vetting submitted names and cutting out the crap (ones that have the above four traits) we still have one issue that prevents accepting your domain: your asking price. You would be surprised how many buyers submit great names but have obscene expectations in terms of price. Many times we will try to understand their reasoning but usually these owners just say “well it is a premium domain”. True it may be a great domain but it still has to be priced to sell!
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50% Of All Domains Are .COM


10% Are .NET & .ORG Combined